OET Forum, London, August 29th 2018

 It was a pleasure to have both attended and spoken at the OET Forum in London yesterday. The keynotes from Tim McNamara, the man behind the development of OET 30 years ago, and Jonathan Silverman, ... (more...)

OET 2.0 -Writing Test Tips

OET 2.0 - While all the other parts of OET are changing at least a little in the September update, the writing sub-test is staying the same. So, if you’ve taken or prepared for OET before, the new ... (more...)

Press Release - Reach OET B 2.0 Launched

Reach OET B 2.0 launched for Medicine and Nursing   (more...)

OET 2.0 - Reading Test Tips

OET 2.0 - From September 2018, the OET reading sub-test will have three parts, testing a range of reading skills by using texts that you might encounter in different workplace situations. Here are ... (more...)

OET 2.0 - Listening Test Tips

OET 2.0- As part of the update to the OET, the listening sub-test is changing. From September 2018 it will have three parts rather than two, and each part will be divided into sections, so that you ... (more...)

OET 2.0 - Speaking Test Tips

OET 2.0-The OET reading and listening sub-tests are changing significantly in the September 2018 update, but the writing sub-test isn’t changing at all and the only changes to the speaking sub-test ... (more...)

Employment success for refugees after SLC course

Employment success for refugees after SLC course Four Syrian refugees have found work in the hospitality industry and another in a local barber’s in Belfast after taking part in an online English ... (more...)

OET 2.0 - What happens if I don't pass OET in August?

Many of you know that the OET is being updated in September, 2018. This means that the last 'old' OET will be held in August, 2018. But what if you don't pass the August OET or think you may not pass ... (more...)

Case Study - OET Trial Group


Online Learning vs Face-to-Face

  Online language learning has become immensely popular in the last decade. The opportunity to develop language skills via an app, website or online tutor is very attractive, as it removes the need ... (more...)