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New! Book one-to-one lessons with SLC’s online Medical English courses

We’re delighted to announce that our students can now book one-to-one lessons with an expert teacher when they buy one of the following courses: English for Doctors, English for Nurses, English for Medical Academic Purposes.

These courses are already used by thousands of learners to improve their English. Combining a wide variety of multi-media inputs and exercises with targeted, relevant content enables students to learn the English they need to work, study and network in an English-speaking environment – from working overseas, to reading the latest research, to participating in international projects, to attending seminars and conferences.




Adding one-to-one lessons allows you to really focus on improving the areas most important to you. For a doctor this might be discussing cases with colleagues, for a nurse this could be communicating with patients and their families, while for a student, this might be developing their academic writing skills.

When you book a Pro or Premium package, you complete a detailed Needs Analysis form which is sent to your teacher so they can plan your lessons. As the lessons progress, you can request input, feedback and support in other areas too. The lessons are based on what you do in the courses, so you can select the areas to study with your teacher, whether it be clinical communication, pronunciation, vocabulary development, making presentations or writing reports, for example.


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The teachers are all highly experienced Medical English online training experts and SLC is the UK’s leading provider of English language training to the global healthcare sector. You know you’re working with the best.

The feedback on the courses has been consistently excellent and adding one-to-one lessons will only supercharge your learning on the areas that matter most to you.

English for Doctors

English for Nurses

English for Medical Academic Purposes


Written by Chris Moore

Chris works on SLC’s strategic direction, product development, course design and key partnerships with organisations including Health Education England, NHS Trusts and medical universities worldwide. He ensures that the work SLC does with healthcare professionals and students has a significant and lasting impact on patient care, medical research and international projects. Chris has worked in specialist English language training since graduating from Cambridge University in 1989 in teaching, academic management and commercial roles. In 2012, he founded SLC to provide training and resources to those who need to communicate in English in critical environments, using technology to reach learners around the world. Chris is also Trustee for Eaquals, the world’s leading international accreditation body for language teaching.

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