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New course – English for Pandemics


SLC is delighted to announce the release of its new Medical English course, English for Pandemics.

The world has changed beyond recognition over the last year as Covid-19 has swept relentlessly and devastatingly across the globe. Headlines are dominated by its impact on every sphere of our lives, not just healthcare, but also political, economic and social. Our everyday vocabulary has become infused with talk of lockdowns, vaccines, long covid, epidemiologists and dangerous new variants.

SLC’s new English for Pandemics course gives you the language you need to engage with the global conversation as the pandemic continues to play such a massive part in all our lives. It’s short at only 10 hours but packed with content.

Virginia AllumWritten by SLC Head of Medical English and internationally renowned writer, Virginia Allum, it covers a wide variety of language. On the course, you learn how to describe:


  • different types of viruses, their structures, how they replicate and enter the body and how they differ from bacteria;
  • coronaviruses and Covid-19, the many associated symptoms, as well as multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children and long Covid;
  • the differences between outbreaks, epidemics and pandemics and the different stages in managing pandemics;
  • treatment options for viruses, including antivirals, monoclonal antibody therapy, the reduction of human contact with viruses, and the use of different vaccines, including whole virus, protein subunit, viral vector and mRNA vaccines.


Content includes animated video, audio, articles, medical terminology and a wide range of tasks, all hosted on a cutting-edge online learning platform.


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For more information go to the English for Pandemics Website:

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Written by Chris Moore

Chris works on SLC’s strategic direction, product development, course design and key partnerships with organisations including Health Education England, NHS Trusts and medical universities worldwide. He ensures that the work SLC does with healthcare professionals and students has a significant and lasting impact on patient care, medical research and international projects. Chris has worked in specialist English language training since graduating from Cambridge University in 1989 in teaching, academic management and commercial roles. In 2012, he founded SLC to provide training and resources to those who need to communicate in English in critical environments, using technology to reach learners around the world. Chris is also Trustee for Eaquals, the world’s leading international accreditation body for language teaching.

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