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Nurses: Your chance to live the American Dream

If you’re a nurse who’s dreamed of a new life in the USA, your chances of getting a work visa have got much more likely.

That’s because the US Health Service has recently added the OET to its list of recognised English tests for immigration.

US Health Service OET

You’ll need to pass the Occupational English Test with a Grade C+ or higher in Reading, Writing, and Listening. For Speaking, you’ll need to get a Grade B or higher.

If you can do that, you’ll be eligible to apply for a visa to the US.

It’s not only nurses that have the chance to live and work in the United States. Other medical professions will also be eligible, including Audiologists, Technicians, Medical Scientists, and Speech Pathologists.

It’s great news if you’ve already passed the OET with flying colours. But even if you haven’t, you now have the chance to set yourself a goal, and study each aspect of the test in earnest.

It’s partly why we set up our courses. We want to help Medical Professionals who want to live and work abroad. We’re here to hold your hand every step of the way – perhaps you’re starting out and want a full package of OET training. Or you’re already studying, but you’d like some individual coaching. Maybe you’d like to try a practice test to see if you’d pass the real-life test.

And by the way, if you’re dreaming of a new life in easy-going Miami or coffee-culture Seattle, it’s even better news. That’s because the State Boards of Nursing in Florida, Washington, Oregon, and Michigan recognise the OET for licensing purposes.

The OET is the worldwide recognised qualification in English for Medical Professionals. Getting a good grade is essential, and that’s what SLC can guide you towards. We love passing on our expertise to you – have a look at our free tips and strategies for passing the OET here.

Written by Stephanie Lam

Stephanie Lam is a writer, journalist, and English teacher. She specialises in writing fabulous words for the wellbeing and health industries.

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