News - Specialist Language Courses

News - Specialist Language Courses

The NHS surcharge and the ongoing costs of overseas recruitment

One of the few silver linings of recent days was the announcement from the Health Minister last Thursday that the Immigrant Health Surcharge (HIS), known by many as the NHS surcharge, would be ... (more...)

OET Nursing Results 2018-19

We’ve combed through the confirmed results we have from nurses taking OET over the last year – 103 in total – and are delighted to share them. These nurses were taught in groups at a range of NHS ... (more...)

Changes in the OET Writing Criteria


Raising awareness for Diabetes Week

When you’ve got diabetes, just getting through the day can be a monumental achievement. But it doesn’t mean life stops. People have become professional athletes, topped the charts and ruled the ... (more...)

The OET Writing Criteria are Changing

The way OET mark the Writing tests is changing. (more...)

The goodwill of nurses is being abused

In a speech at the 2019 Royal College of Nursing conference, Dame Donna Kinnair, Chief Executive and General Secretary, criticised the government, highlighting the severe shortage of nurses and ... (more...)

OET - Writing Test Tips

While all the other parts of OET are changing at least a little in the September update, the writing sub-test is staying the same. So, if you’ve taken or prepared for OET before, the new test will ... (more...)

Press Release - Reach OET B Launched

Reach OET B launched for Medicine and Nursing   (more...)

OET- Reading Test Tips

From September 2018, the OET reading sub-test will have three parts, testing a range of reading skills by using texts that you might encounter in different workplace situations. Here are some quick ... (more...)

OET - Listening Test Tips

As part of the update to the OET, the listening sub-test is changing. From September 2018 it will have three parts rather than two, and each part will be divided into sections, so that you will hear ... (more...)

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